A downloadable game

A new Amstrad CPC arcade game for 1 or 2 players, based on the original "The Curse of Trasmoz" for Zx Spectrum.

This game is now in development by Carlos Pérezgrin & Borja de Tena

Music & Sound FX by Beyker & A. Pérez

Cover Art & Gfx support by Dani Diez

Loading Screen by BitFans

*Made with Love & CPCtelera from Francisco Gallego

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Looking great so far! I really enjoyed the original Curse of Trasmoz on the Spectrum. It's cool to see an Amstrad version, I really like the vibrant colours and the detail in the backgrounds and sprites

The CPC has (for me ;P) the most incredible palette of all 8bit machines. I'm so glad you like the Amstrad version! Thanks! :)

que ganas de que salga


Ya falta poco... "The Curse" de Spectrum es genial, a ver qué tal "The Revenge" en Amstrad. ¡Qué ganas! ¿Será posible jugarlo en individual?

Claro! Se podrá jugar a 1 o 2 jugadores ;)