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In the 13th century the town of TRASMOZ was excommunicated for its pagan practices and its inhabitants were cursed for ever... The population was decimated until it became a ghost town, diseases and all sorts of evils on children, animals and crops made this an abandoned place left by the hand of God.

Until now no one had dared to approach TRASMOZ again, there is talk of dangerous creatures of the night, witches and living dead who protect the place run by the evil magician Mutamin: inmortal servant of the devil and master of the inaccessible castle and the watchtower.

But tonight is the night of the dead and the moon is full again The time has come as the prophecy says:

When the full moon crowns the night of all saints, a brave hero will break the curse for ever, he will sanctify the place with the fire of wandering souls, when they are liberated.

You are the hero chosen to fullfill this dangerous mission... Will you be able to release TRASMOZ from his curse before the sun rises again?

You can download this game for Free. Click on DOWNLOAD NOW and get the game in 4 different formats to load in your emulator or Zx Spectrum real machine.

If you want to help us to develop this and more games, scroll down, click "Download now" and get access to game's Source Code and sprites, fonts, artworks from Mr. Dani Diez, 4 ingame music tracks by Beyker, instructions booklet ready to print, plus a poster of the game for just $3!


* Single screen arcade platformer *

* 3 areas with more than 20 levels to puzzle out *

* 4 enemy types with unique behavior to defeat *

* Amazing ingame music for the 128k versions *

* Control by keyboard, Kempston or Joystick *


The Curse of Trasmoz Collector's edition for the #ZXspectrum computers is available from the 16th of December. In cassette & 3" disc. Orders are welcome:



Original Concept, Art & game design by @volcanobytes

Code by: Javy Fernandez @defectodigital

Music by: @Beyker

Code and AGD support by: @thepope

Loading Screen Pixel art by: @bitfans

Original Ilustration and Artwork for the cover & box: Dani Diez @mrdanidiez

Packaging, cartridge & manual design: @volcanobytes & Sebastian Bach Polyplay.

original ilustration for loading screen by: @volcanobytes

Game testing: Rafa Castillo @azicuetano , Carlos Blansa,  GUINDAKO, Alejandro Valdezate @LexSparrow, Ruben Gutierrez @Imsai_REAM, Rainbow graphics @jomicamp, Javi Ortiz @tbrazil_speccy, David RM @RetromaniacMag

This game was created with AGD, a tool by Jonathan Cauldwell. Musicizer II by David Saphier, Perilla by Sergio @thepope

Release date Dec 15, 2019
AuthorVolcano Bytes
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, ZX Spectrum
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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the_curse_of_trasmoz_dandanator.zip 392 kB
Music by Beyker.zip 12 MB
if you pay 3.00€ EUR or more
Code.zip 13 kB
if you pay 3.00€ EUR or more
Game Gfx.zip 23 kB
if you pay 3.00€ EUR or more
Game Font.zip 1 kB
if you pay 3.00€ EUR or more
Manual.zip 4 MB
if you pay 3.00€ EUR or more
Dani Diez Cover Illustration.zip 7 MB
if you pay 3.00€ EUR or more
Poster.zip 1 MB
if you pay 3.00€ EUR or more

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I've had a few tries at this now and I really like Trasmoz so far, the graphics are really well done, and make good use of the Spectrum's limitations. I grew up playing Spectrum games so I really love to see people making new games for it. I haven't got very far in to Trasmoz yet, only the first few stages but I like the concept and I think it's got it's own unique feel that sets it apart from a lot of other games made with AGD. The music is nicely atmospheric too. I think Spectrum fans back in the 80's would have loved this game if it had been around back then!


Thanks for your kind words! When you put so much love and work into something like this it is purely for someone to appreciate and enjoy it. You feel like you've accomplished something when you get comments like this, so really: Thanks for playing and for your good words on color treatment and "differentiation" with other AGD titles. I wish you enjoy the game much more and please, if you reach the end do not forget to tell me! :)


I've never tried an indie home-brewed Spectrum game.  The presentation is down pat.  I'll definitely give this a play.


Thank you! Please let me know what you think of the game when you try it. Enjoy!

I'll try it as soon as I can get a Spectrum emulator.  Thanks.

I recommend this:

Oh.  Why, thank you much.  Trying soon.

Hmm.  How do I use this emulator?  Apologies.  I never used the Spectrum.  TRS-80, yes, but not the Spectrum.

This will help you:

Love the game... but can't be a version for the 48k with the YA interface so we could ear the music? Or just on 128k machines?

I'm glad you like the game!

I'm afraid music is only loaded on machines with 128k available, regardless of whether you have an external AY interface.
In 48k models it's only possible to listen to the ingame sound fx created for the beeper.

Lovely game!

This one looks interesting 

Looks great! Hope there will be a download version.

This looks amazing, I love that there are still gamers out there making new classics for the classic systems. I absolutely cannot wait to play this INSTANT CLASSIC!!