Prepare yourself for the final 8Bit Space Battle!

Use Joystick or cursor keys to move, use joy button or z to shoot. Enjoy!

If you want to help us to develop this and more games, scroll down, click "Download now" and get access to game's Source Code and sprites, the standAlone version of the game for windows, OsX and Linux, plus an authentic 8-bit era instruction booklet with detailed instructions and a game poster ready to print for $2!

A whole fleet of alien's ships are arriving all over from Multiverse to destroy the human race. You are the chosen pilot to face them, aboard the last ship, a little hope for the human kind!

Your mission is to destroy all alien waves before they reach Earth.

You will enter enemy territory piloting your ship, avoiding to be destroyed by the ships and enemy arms, trying to save the humanity in the definitive battle

This game was crafted for PICO-8, during January 2017.

This is my first entry for the #1GAM and it's inspired by classics like: Gradius, Galaga or R-type. If you like this, you can follow me on Twitter @VolcanoBytes and take a look at my other projects.

In order to download the Source code and sprites, stand alone versions of the game, the hi-res pdf instruction booklet and the poster you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.00 USD.


Buy Now2.00€ EUR or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 2.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

STAND ALONE VERSION (win, osx, linux) 2 MB
GAME SPRITESHEET / PIXEL ART (8x8, Pico8 palette) 6 kB

Development log


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Excelente juego que revive los clásicos shoot em ups con muy buen gusto

in the downloaded files is a virus: ws.reputation.1. can't play it!

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Please mate, check other programs in your computer... The game has been downloaded more than 10k times last week and nobody has an issue... I can guarantee you there's no virus in the files. 


Why can’t I own or claim this? Adding it to my collection is just a list and I’m unable to download it either (no pc). Strange.

Reminds me of Gradius

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Thanks! :) The game has a big influence from Gradius and Galaga.
Both are games that inspired me to develop this one.

Thank you for making this free it's so incredibly fun! ^_^

Thanks for playing! I'm very happy you liked it :)


Love me some Pico-8.  This game should be fun.


pico 8 games are always great and this is no exception. nice fusion of gradius and galaga. i like effect on the explosions in particular. gets pretty crazy and challenging, but still good fun

Would be awesome if you could do a physical version on CD.

mmmmm... that could be a good idea :) THANKS!


WOW! WOW! WOW! You did a PERFECT job, I LOVE it. The instruction booklet idea is awesome. The effects, sprite-work, and retro visuals are AMAZING! I forgot just how much I miss those old school shooters... :(


THANKS! :) I'm happy to know you enjoyed it ;)


This is the perfect example of a retro game done right

Awesome Job :)


To see that someone has enjoyed your work always brightens the day :) I am very grateful that you've played and taken the time to write.


Amazing mechanics!
I loved the way you managed the waves and how the enemies setup gradually teach how to play.
This one is going to my favs!

Thanks Amir!

It is a joy to know that you have enjoyed the game!

Thanks for your comment!

very good retro game i enjoyed it.

Thanks! I'm happy to know you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing.

Pretty sweet! I have just started researching pico 8 so I'm playing through a lot of the games that look really cool, and yours is awesome!

Hey! Thank you very much for your words! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) If you manage to destroy the evil final boss, let me know ;)

This looks lovely. When I get on my pc later I will give it a go. 

Thanks! Please tell me what you think about it, I love Spaceman Splorf!

ooh thank you!

Okay, I've played it now and WOW! Very nice. The sfx work fantastically with this game too. Very playable and enjoyable. Nice work indeed.

I'm really glad to know that you enjoyed it! :)
Your words encourage me to keep creating games. If you ever have any idea to collaborate together I will be happy to do so.
Thank you very much!

ooh, collaboration! I'll let ya know! Maybe soon, yeah?

Soon! Yeah! I'll be looking forward to hear from you ;)

Great gameplay, loving the game!

Original turn to horizontal scroll like Nemesis or R-Type of the mythical game Galaga. True to the originals games of 80, but with your own style and soul, which is appreciated in the playability and the design and behavior of the enemy spaceships. 

Great and nice job!


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Adictive and hard! I love the retro style! THUMBS UP!

R-TYPE meets GALAGA what a totally awesome combination of two amazing retro classics , offcourse i will support you and purchase this game when it is finished and a bit extra, well worth it,  keep up the fantastic work & both thumbs up from me :)

I create music and i like to help you to do a music for this  game ! (sorry for my bad english I Am french)  

Fan music

Awesome! I love it

Well done!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy playing ;)

Definitely did! Keep up the good work.

This is really neat, like the gameplay and I love the authentic old school vibe of everything. Good luck with the rest of development :)


Ey Spencer :) Thanks for playing!!

Nice !

I'm glad you like it! Thanks!