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Pardonda olmamış

Thanks for being nice enough to make it free. Seems pretty fun!

Hey! Thanks for your kind words! And thanks for playing :)


Why not claimable if its 100% off can you add the ability to claim please.


Dude it's free


Dude its free but not claimable so you can come back and download it again in the future not everyone has storage to spare to keep a bunch of games stored.


You really don't have 116kb on your disk? xD
That's not the problem...

If someone looks at your profile, they can see that you are a leecher who is dedicated only to downloading free games and instead of thanking the developers who give their work away, you waste your time telling them that they are not doing it well enough because they should also give it to you in your terms. So you can show in your profile how much you help to developers and how good supporter you are...

You are not even planning to help by donating a miser dollar... People like you are the ones who spoil this community, luckily you are an exception, but it really makes me very sad that everything you have to give to those who invest their time in this to give it to you for free is a complain.

or you just don't have enough money to buy games. i would donate to these devs if i had the money. im literally broke, so i stalk the free page. why are you so mad at the fact that some people can't afford light up keyboards and 2 monitors. plus its NOT THAT SERIOUS. 


You really don't undertand my messages at all... I'm not mad about anybody to stalk the free games, I do it too! But what I don't do is rebuke whoever gives away their games, or score them with a star to harm them... That is being crazy, friend.

I'm not demanding anybody to donate, I'm giving my games for free! You really can't see this?

Seems that you are the same user that after blocked your account, has created a new account to keep trolling devs... what a shame... This will be my last answer for you. You better keep playing those free games and don't bother people anymore, PLEASE.


Stop spamming on people’s pages, and, even worse, stop rating them 1 star because they don’t want to permanently give you the game for free. Your posting privileges have been disabled along with all of your ratings. Contact support if you want to make an appeal.


Thanks leafo. I'm dealing with this person for two days now...


Cool game! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to kill enemies by closing doors on them or not, but it sure helps.


Thanks for your words! :) Regarding the doors and enemies...  it's the classic feature from a bug xD Glad you found it!

Thanks for this DEVS. I had and play and did a little video and I really enjoyed the graphics/audio and puzzles. Really neat



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Its really amazing!!! I had a lot of fun playing it!

Well done!! This is a very fun puzzle game. I like it a lot!!

I'm glad you like it! Thank you! :)

More levels will be added in the future ;)